Who we work with


Whilst we work with businesses across a broad range of industry sectors, we have found that clients typically fit into three distinct stages across the enterprise life-cycle, with common challenges at each stage:

  • Early-Stage

    During the first year or two every business faces a common challenge: survival. The need to generate revenue and establish a viable business model is paramount. We help clients to learn rapidly and develop their business through advice and coaching support, sharing our experience to avoid potentially fatal mistakes.

  • High-Growth

    Beyond the startup phase, the challenge switches to managing growth over the next 3-10 years. Building the team and driving sustainable revenue are both critical at this phase, as well as funding to support high-growth. We work with the management team to focus on strategy, performance and leadership through coaching and workshops.

  • Maturity

    For companies established over 10 years and longer, common challenges we see are generating new growth, creating a new vision that re-invigorates the team and identifying an attractive exit strategy. We help owners take a fresh look at the business, exploring opportunities to unlock potential, drive a new phase of growth and maximise future value.

Our programmes are scalable to fit your business, using a mix of Skype, telephone and/or face-to-face sessions to suit your budget, time availability and business needs.