The Revenue Canvas

The Revenue Canvas has been developed as a tool for sales and marketing teams, as well as other revenue stakeholders across the business, such as customer service and customer success teams.

Initially created as a diagnostic tool for working with our clients, The Revenue Canvas has been further developed to facilitate commercial teams to get a shared perspective on solving problems and creating new opportunities for revenue improvement and growth.

Its aim is to bring together and align different views of revenue onto a single page, using the principals of ‘design thinking’, which is a repeatable problem solving methodology with applications across all business functions.

We have published a free eBook which explains how to use The Revenue Canvas with your own teams.

The Revenue Canvas eBook covers:

  • Introduction to The Revenue Canvas
  • How to use The Revenue Canvas and session design
  • Examples of a basic Revenue Canvas session
  • 5 different ways of using The Revenue Canvas
  • Common themes and opportunities

Download the Revenue Canvas eBook

Feel free to contact us with your experiences and successes of using The Revenue Canvas with your teams, or if you would like us to run a bespoke workshop, facilitate a session or speak about the Revenue Canvas.


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