Example Projects


Since 2005 we’ve delivered projects for 90+ clients ranging from startups and SMEs to multinationals and non-governmental organisations.

Projects cover market insight, business development and international expansion.

Example projects and deliverables include:

Market Insight

  • Market Assessment

    Advised the founding team of a French start-up on international expansion. We completed a research project to evaluate the UK market, including direct and alternative competitors, partners and end-clients. We provided feedback on regulatory issues specific to the UK as well as recommendations on set-up, locations and compliance considerations.

  • New Product Development

    Project to support the CEO of a UK technology company deciding on whether to develop a version of their core product for smaller companies. We provided data-driven analysis of existing and potential markets, with competitor mapping and market sizing. We also interviewed potential resellers to understand market perceptions and demand. In response to our study the client shelved the concept.

  • Market Testing

    Working with the leadership team of a UK software company, we helped identify, test and validate attractive new markets for its existing product. We facilitated a workshop to capture key market attributes and conducted a data-driven analysis to identify 5 new market segments. We then systematically tested a sample of 100 organisations in each market, which validated a clear winner for investment.

  • Perception Audit

    Qualitative research to assess UK market perceptions around Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a US software development company. The client wanted to understand market maturity, as well as attractiveness of specific market sectors. Through engaging with the digital ecosystem, we approached 81 companies and conducted in-depth interviews with 13 C-level executives to deliver valuable insights.


  • Re-seller Recruitment

    Business development project for a $245m global industrial equipment manufacturer to further grow their UK re-seller network. We profiled complimentary and competing vendor channels to identify 85 potential companies, segmented into 4 discrete categories. We then engaged each to establish a fit with the client and facilitated meetings to secure 10 additional re-sellers.

  • Network Development

    As a partner to an agency working with a UK Government Department, we provided support to build a network of community stakeholders to drive an innovative nationwide programme. Over a 2-month period, we identified and contacted 782 organisations, including Local Authorities and Volunteer Groups, to recruit participation and successfully deliver 27 community events.

  • Technology Partnerships

    Market engagement for trade missions run by a European NGO representing several regional economic development agencies and technology hubs. We identified and selected start-ups in the UK and Ireland within emerging technology fields of IoT, SportsTech and FinTech. Across 4 missions we facilitated introductions in London and Dublin to 75 qualifying start-ups.

Business Development

  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Assisted a £400m multinational consulting and outsourcing services company develop partner relationships for an innovative digital platform for Media and Retail companies. We completed an accelerated 90-day stakeholder engagement project, achieving 100% of performance objectives and delivering 27 x C-level meetings with the target audience.

  • Business Development

    Engaged by a investor-backed University Spin-out in the field of optical 3D measurement and inspection. Using a blend of research and proprietary industry data we identified 605 aerospace and automotive manufacturers and managed a business development programme that uncovered 63 (10.4%) opportunities to engage with technical teams and explore live projects.

  • Project Stakeholder Mapping

    Working with a FTSE-listed industrial services organisation, we were engaged to map stakeholder organisations within a major UK infrastructure project to investigate partnership opportunities. Across 44 organisations and joint-ventures we identified and reached out to 113 contacts, conducting 37 interviews and brokered high-value relationships for our client’s business development team.

  • Market Development

    Project to assist a UK software and services company with market development in the Retail sector. We researched relevant retailers based on agreed firmographics, and then engaged key stakeholders to understand current adoption ‏of technologies and challenges around store and space planning. Across 220 retailers we interviewed 98 people, delivering market insight as well as identifying opportunities within 56 companies.

  • Product Re-Launch

    We were hired to rescue a mis-fired software product launch after investment of 18 months and £200k failed to deliver any revenue. We worked with the leadership team to pivot strategy, validate new markets for the product and implement a business development initiative which secured initial market traction, key reference accounts and built a sales pipeline worth £565k within 6 months.

International Expansion

  • Growth Mentoring

    Mentoring assignment to the CEO of an IT Consultancy based in London seeking to scale-up and deliver international growth. We delivered an initial strategy and planning workshop, as well as ongoing one-to-one support over 12 months to work through international challenges and prioritise focus, during which time the company achieved growth of >450%.

  • European Markets

    Business development support for a UK technology scale-up seeking to expand into Europe through both partners and direct sales. Our team identified strategic partners in Germany and Nordic regions, managed a pan-European market engagement programme and supported trade shows to help drive international expansion and deliver over €500,000 in new business revenue.

  • Interim Business Development

    We were approached by a global business consulting firm with offices in North America and Europe. The client needed to find an interim business development professional to support accelerated expansion into a new international market. Through our network we provided a senior resource on a 12 months contract, enabling our clients to rapidly enter the market before setting up operations.

  • Global Outreach

    Assignment to assist a multinational data services company engage a key global market segment. We researched 227 companies across 51 countries and managed a 3-month business development programme which opened up conversations and identified international opportunities with 94 organisations, representing 41% of the client’s target market.

  • UK Market Entry

    Supporting a Spanish technology business with building new channel partnerships to access the UK market. We identified and facilitated introductions to key retail partners, securing e-commerce agreements, providing local resource for promotions and trade-fairs, and implementing in-store proof-of-concepts in 5 flagship retail outlets nationwide.

Due to the commercially sensitive nature of our engagements, references are available on request.

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